Book Review: What Are You Thinking by Valerie Ackley

Title: What Are You Thinking?
Author: Valerie Ackley
Publisher: Brigham Distributing
Release Date: August 2, 2010

Our thoughts, be it positive or negative, determine who we are and what we become. That is why helping our children understand the power of thoughts from an early age is essential.
Studies show that children with negative thoughts are more likely to give up; they lack confidence and motivation. On the other hand, children who think positively take on their life, they overcome challenges, they are more enthusiastic, and driven. Author, Valerie Ackley, illustrates the power of our thoughts in the award winning book, What Are You Thinking? This book introduces children to the Law of Attraction. Beautifully illustrated with fun characters and humorous situations, this amazing creation teaches the power of the mind and the importance of wisely selecting our dominant thoughts.
“What Are You Thinking?” will inspire creativity, confidence, goal setting, gratitude, and HOW to turn a bad day around! Parents can use this book as a spring board to discuss healthy vs. unhealthy “thinking habits” with their children.

What are you thinking is a great way to introduce the idea of The Law of Attraction to children.  Having positive thoughts and focusing on the good will bring happiness and joy in life.  I’m one who has always had a “Pollyanna” outlook – If you look for the good you will find it so I appreciate the message this book has.  I choose to view life through rose colored glasses.

The pictures are bright, bold and busy.  There is a lot going on in the pages of this book.  My daughter sat and listened as I read this and seemed to grasp the concepts being taught.

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Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book

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