Book Review: Crossroads by Mary Ting

Title: Crossroads
Author: Mary Ting
Series: 1st in a Series
Released: July 29, 2011 (First published April 6, 2011)
Publisher: World Castle
Tags: Angels, Young Adult, Fantasy

On the same night of her friend’s tragic death, Claudia Emerson encounters another world, Crossroads, through her dream. There, she learns about a mix breed of angels and humans, who possess supernatural powers. Among those with these powers, lies evil, known as the fallen. Mystified by her ability to enter this place called Crossroads, certain that the fallen will be after her, she is assigned a guardian angel named Michael. Aden, the fallen leader, is convinced that Claudia holds the key to help destroy Crossroads. Her dream becomes a nightmare as more secrets are revealed, about who she really is, and the true identities of the people she loves most.

Currently there are a wide variety of young adult books that deal with angels… I’ve read a lot of them. Crossroads is a welcome addition, especially for those looking for a different, unique twist on fallen angel/guardian angel mythology.

There are a few details in the story line I wish had been explained more clearly, but overall I was satisfied. The writing is descriptive and believable and the characters were well developed and likable.  There was enough mystery to keep my interest and bring me back to the story, but it was a book I could put down. Crossroads is first in a series and wrapped up nicely, at least without the Epilogue. If you stop reading before the epilogue this could be a stand alone.

Overall Crossroads is fairly clean. There is quite a bit of romance and kissing that takes place including one scene where Claudia inexplicably ends up without a shirt on.

If you love this genre give this one a try, it’s received some great reviews on goodreads.

Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book

Source: From Author for Review

Content: no language or sex but has a passionate kissing scene with the main character in just a bra.

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