Book Giveaway: Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? And Operation: Reuse It!


Garbology Kids: Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? by Sabbithry Persad

Follow Bubbles and the recycling truck … to the MURF. The Materials Recovery Facility! Find out how papers, plastics, metals and glass are collected, sorted and baled to be made into new products.

From the founder of Green Solutions Magazine comes the cheery series with kids who investigate waste and clean up their community. In “Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?,” Tiana learns about recycling while she and her family searches for their dog Bubbles who had chased after the recycle truck. On their adventure, they explore the MURF—the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) where they see how recyclable materials are sorted and baled for manufacturing. Based on facts about the process of recycling in industrial countries, this book helps children understand the importance of recycling to save natural resources and much more.

In “Where Do Recyclables Materials Go?,” you will learn:

– how recyclable materials are collected
– how recyclable materials are diverted from landfills
– how recycling saves resources, energy and money
– how to identify solutions for waste disposal through practical exercises
– how to take action through hands-on activities

Colorful illustrations and diagrams complement the story of Tiana, Peter and Bubbles (their dog).

Operation: Reuse It by Sabbithry Persad

With colorful illustrations and fact-filled diagrams complementing the adventure, this picture book tells the story of how Peter and his friends help Mr. Ogilvy rediscover forgotten belongings in his shed. They help him organize and distribute the unwanted stuff to reuse centers in the community, learning the many ways and benefits of reusing. The children have fun with forgotten treasures such as old toys, electronics, art supplies, and even a broken-down car, while they work together to determine how the items should be reused, in the process saving resources, energy, and money, while diverting materials from the landfill.

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1 Winner will receive a copy of Garbology Kids: Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? & a copy of Operation: Reuse It!
Open Internationally
Ends 10/31/11

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