Ask Me Anything – Reader Demographics

This question comes Milla (a happy brazilian girl) =D

Considering only the people that follow the blog by GFC, how many are from overseas?
How many are from Brazil? Because I know that brazilian people visit a lot of international blogs. I am one!

I can share some demographics about my blog but I don’t know of a way to figure out where just my GFC followers are from.

In my recent reader survey one of the questions was Where Do You Live?

Here are the answers that were given:
795 US
53 Canada
37 Australia (I spelled it wrong on the survey, one person answered with it spelled correctly)
38 United Kingdom
14 Philippines
12 Brazil
11 Malaysia
7 Mexico
7 India
6 Romania
5 Czech Republic
5 New Zealand
5 Spain
5 South Africa
4 France
4 Germany
4 Indonesia
4 Singapore
3 Belgium
3 Italy
3 The Netherlands
2 Ireland
2 Finland
2 Venezuela
2 Denmark
2 Bulgaria
2 Europe
2 Hungary
2 Puerto Rico
2 Norway
1 Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Trinadad and Tobago, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Suriname, Pakistan, Iran, Morocco, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Israel, Chile, Austria, Fiji, Greece, Honduras, Estonia and Croatia.

If this is an accurate picture of who reads my blog then 75% of my blog readers come from the US & 25% live outside the US. 1% of my blog readers come from Brazil.

If I look at my all time pageviews in my Google Stats this is what I see:

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