Ask Me Anything – Comments

This question comes from Sandra at The Musings of a Book Addict.

I have difficulty getting people to leave comments. Besides asking a question on each post, what other tips do you have for getting people to leave comments?

I hear you and honestly I’m clueless on how to get people to comment.  Obviously requiring a comment to enter a giveaway is one way but I’m pretty sure that is not the answer you are looking for.

I for one an not really a “commenter”.  I read a lot of blogs but don’t comment very often so I don’t expect to get a lot of comments on my blog.

I’ve tried several things but never with a huge amount of success.  It seems like posts where opinions are shared seem to bring out more comments.  But it is not very often that I make a post full of my opinions.

One suggestion I do have is turn off word verification for comments.  It discourages people from commenting.  If you are getting spam then change the settings to require comment moderation on posts older than 14 days.

And make sure you have enabled comment notification so you receive an email whenever someone comments on your blog.  You can then comment on the post as well or stop by their blog to leave a comment.

These steps are easily taken in your blogger dashboard.  Click on Settings and then Comments.

Do you have any suggestions for how to get people to comment?  Please share!

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