Ask Me Anything: Blog Buttons

This question comes Shelby @ Lost in A Book

How do you get the blog button URL when using Picasa photo editing?

Honestly I’m the wrong person to ask!  I am not that familiar with Picasa.  My skills when it comes to photo editing are basically non-existent.  Lori Lawson from Imagination Designs did the graphics for my blog.  I have a really cool snipping tool that allows me to easily crop any image on any site and save it as a new picture.  Other than that I can’t do much when it comes to graphics.

I can’t find anywhere on Picasa to grab a URL so I don’t use it.

When I need to create a button or graphic I just upload an image to and edit there.  Photobucket is easy to use and simple.  The image is hosted on their website and I grab the URL code off that site.

Blog Buttons:
As far a creating an actual button again I’m pretty clueless. I found a tutorial once that taught me how to do my first one.  Now I just copy and paste the code I used from one button into a new HTML/JavaScript window and then change the link to go to the correct place on my blog and change the link for the picture.

This is what the HTML/JavaScript looks like for my current Spooktacular Blog Hop Button in my sidebar.

All of the above probably makes little sense to anyone but me so please check out these links for a better tutorial on how to make a button.  They really are very simple and a great addition to your blog.

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How to Make a Blog Button: Amy Lynn Andrews
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