Brave Rooney by Gerry Renert

Brave Rooney by Gerry Renert

Ordinary boy Rooney shows up at Captain Majestic Memorial School, an elementary school for superheroes. Through the story, he shows all his superhero classmates what it means to be truly brave. Story is meant to build the player’s self-esteem.
Features: Over 50 interactive features and animations, 23 pages of illustrations, narrated by author Gerry Renert (three-time Emmy-nominated kids’ TV writer), highlighted reading text, Read to Me or I Can Read options, visual page index.

I’m slowly working my way into the world of technology. I now have a Kindle & just got my daughter a Nook. I thought I was keeping up fairly well but apparently not… Today I was introduced to digital interactive books that come as apps for the iphone or ipad. I’m still behind the times… I don’t own an iphone just my ancient dated cell phone so I reviewed a pdf version of this book and viewed the you tube video to see how the app works. Pretty cool. I know my kindergartner would love this book.

As a story this books works. Even without the digital interactive features this made an entertaining read, one that I would read over and over to my children.  So for those of you who have small children and an iPhone or iPad these new interactive digital books may be something worth looking into.

Currently the only way to get this book is through iTunes.


Rating: 5 Stars

Source: PDF review copy from author