Blog Tour: Book Review – Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

A thrilling debut story of death, love, destiny and danger.
Lenzi hears voices and has visions – gravestones, floods, a boy with steel gray eyes. Her boyfriend, Zak, can’t help, and everything keeps getting louder and more intense. Then Lenzi meets Alden, the boy from her dreams, who reveals that she’s a reincarnated Speaker – someone who can talk to and help lost souls – and that he has been her Protector for centuries.
Now Lenzi must choose between her life with Zak and the life she is destined to lead with Alden. But time is running out: a malevolent spirit is out to destroy Lenzi, and he will kill her if she doesn’t make a decision soon.

Fabulous debut!

There is already a lot of hype about this book and its release date is still 3 months away.  In my opinion it is well deserved hype.  Shattered Souls is an original, engaging book that is sure to be a hit with those who enjoy young adult paranormal fiction.  I was hooked right from the start and loved the characters and storyline.  This book stands alone but I would love a sequel. 

There is an overwhelming number of books in this genre being released and it is impossible to read them all.  Shattered Souls is one you don’t want to miss.

Content: A little language and innuendo

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Source: ARC Tour through The Teen Book Scene

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey will be released by Philomel/Penguin on December 8, 2011.