Banned Books Week Giveaway!!

With the help of Jen from I Read Banned Books I’m hosting a Banned Books Giveaway Hop. This will run similar to the hops I usually host but has a requirement that giveaways must be for a banned or challenged book OR include information about Banned Book Week as part of the post.

This hop runs from Saturday, September 24th to Saturday, October 1st with winners announced on October 2nd or 3rd.

My take on Banned Book Week:
All books have their place, but not all books belong on every shelf.

I believe it’s my responsibility as a parent to know what my children are watching, playing and reading. I don’t allow my children to watch R rated movies. I’m selective on which PG-13 movies I allow them to watch. We run all our videos through a ClearPLay video editor. Rated “M” video games are not allowed in our home. Although books don’t come with ratings I feel certain books are not appropriate for my children to read.

I believe in age appropriateness when it comes to books, movies and video games. Take last year’s controversy over the book Speak. I’m a fairly conservative reader and I’ve read Speak. It’s a well written, powerful book, but I wouldn’t allow my children to read it at this point in their lives. It’s not age appropriate for my 11 year old daughter. If asked I would object if it were on the library shelves at our elementary school which only goes to 5th grade. However I feel Speak is a book that would be appropriate on the shelves of a high school.

I do admit there are certain books that I personally will never be old enough to read. I’m not a fan of strong language, graphic sex and gory violence in books, movies or television. There are many books I have put down or decided not to read due to their content. I’m not saying those books should be removed from a public library, but I am saying it’s my right as an informed reader to choose the books I will and won’t read. That’s not censorship, that’s making a choice on what is right for me and my family.

All books have their place, just not on my shelf.

This is just my opinion, if you disagree I respect your right to have your own opinion.

My winner will pick from the following:

$10 gift card to purchase a banned or challenged book

$10 in banned or challenged books from the book depository 

Box of 20 Books (Shipped to US only)
FYI – Some of these have been banned or challenged, some have not.

*Some of these are new, some have been read, some are ARCs. Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse are signed (but not new).

To enter just be a follower of this blog and fill out the form.  Last day to enter is Saturday, October 1, 2011.

This hop officially starts at midnight but posts are already popping up. For best use of your time wait until tomorrow when all the posts are up to start entering the giveaways.  If you start now most sites will not have a giveaway up!!
The linky should be accurate by noon on Saturday.