Book Review: The Trove of the Passion Room by Marcia Lynn McClure

The Trove of the Passion Room is not simply a story. Nor is it only a fable, a legend or mere nonsensical superstition. It exists. There is a trove hidden in The Passion Room…a trove that has never before in its fullness been found—for it is hidden by the spell of passion that lingers within the room itself. The passion inspired of the room cannot be denied. It cannot be controlled or resisted. And as the influence of The Passion Room cannot be evaded, neither can the trove be revealed without absolute and consummate surrender to…” She paused as her eyes widened. “What?” she breathed. “No way!”

About 8 pm last night a wonderful surprise was awaiting me. An email from Marcia that contained a Kindle version of The Trove of the Passion Room. Despite being caught up in the middle of two other books I just had to start this one! And is always the case once I start a Marcia Lynn McClure book I have a hard time putting it down! Sleep was sacrificed and cleaning and errands had to wait so I could read this.

The Trove of the Passion Room is classic Marcia Lynn McClure. I was not disappointed. Everything I love about Marcia and her books was within the pages of this fabulous contemporary story. There is predictability to Marcia’s books but honestly I would be disappointed if there wasn’t. I open her books knowing just what to expect and have never once been let down.

As the title suggests this book had plenty of passion. Marcia is known for her clean books that have nothing but passionate kissing. She can write the “chaste” side of desire and passion without any sex better than anyone. I’m certain The Trove has at least double if not triple the amount of passionate kissing as any of her other books.

The author notes at the back are something I treasure. I love getting a glimpse into Marcia’s writing & life.

From Marcia:

“I LOVED writing The Trove of the Passion Room! I think it’s one of my very, very favorite contemporary stories! The story is so close to my heart! And the hero is…how can I say this…INCREDIBLE! I know you want details…but I’m not sure what would best wet your whistle! Let’s just say this for now…it’s entitled The Trove of THE PASSION ROOM…will that do?”

Content: I consider Marcia’s books to be clean reads (although this one does have some of the mildest of language and of course lots of kissing)

Rating: 5 Stars – I LOVED IT!

Source: Kindle Ebook