The True Story of Cinderella by Sandra Hammond

How hard can raising chickens be? So many things to learn and find out. But why do it the easy way? You’ll laugh at this true story of a city gal’s adventure in her first crack at chicken farming.

Recently a couple of my neighbors have bought chicks to raise for the fresh eggs so I’d been thinking about the possibility of becoming a “chicken farmer”. This book took away any desire I had to raise chickens.

In this book the author shares her experience of being an inexperienced city girl trying to raise chickens. How hard could it be? Apparently a lot harder than it sounds!

The True Story of Cinderella is a funny story. I’d love to hear the author tell this story in person. As far as being a picture book this one has a little too much writing and too few pictures to make a great read aloud.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Source: From Author For Review