Book Review: The Rose and the Lily by Susan Ross

Prince Sterling wishes to marry beautiful Princess Rose. Princess Rose wishes to own a beautiful hairpin. The pampered princess agrees to the marriage if Prince Sterling finds her the “perfect” present. Join Prince Sterling on his quest for the ideal hairpin for the prickly and hilariously horrid Princess Rose. Is beauty more important than character or is it only skin deep? Find out as Prince Sterling encounters miners mining for diamonds, a woodland fairy riding her pet peacock, a dragon with rainbow-coloured scales and Lily, a kind-hearted, plain peasant girl who lives in a cosy little cottage with a menagerie of animals. 

I received this picture book back in January and here it is six months later and I’m finally getting around to reviewing it. This book disappeared for quite a while and I finally found it in my daughter’s bedroom.

Fairy tales and princesses are a big thing here in my house so this was a hit with my 5 year old. As a parent I really appreciate books that teach a lesson while being entertaining and this book fit that bill. Even at the age of 5 my daughter picked up on the fact that beauty is only skin deep and said she would rather be friends with the plain but kind peasant instead of the beautiful but unkind princess.

This was an enjoyable read that we have read more than once.  It’s a little long for a quick bedtime read so I attempted to abridge it on our last read.  My daughter was not happy that I had not read her all the words.

Source: From author for review

Rating: 3.5 Stars – A Good Book!