Book Review: A Day With Duke by Sandra Hammond

A Day with Duke is about a big, needy, loveable pooch that comes into a family who is not quite ready for him. How does this giant Bloodhound make his mark on the neighborhood? You’ll find out as you laugh your way through his story. Everyone will be sure to fall in love with Duke!

I’m sure dog lovers can relate to this book. Duke is one very mischievous dog and is always getting into trouble.  Despite his impish behavior his owners can’t help but love him.

A Day with Duke is definitely not as polished as some children’s books but it does has a unique charm about it. The way it is written reminds me of the way my mother in law would tell a story to our children.  I was unsure about the book when I flipped through it but by the time I got to the end I decided it was a book worth reading.

Children trying to convince their parents to keep a dog that gets into everything could surely reason with their parents that at least their dog is not as bad as Duke!  Those looking to get a dog might get a realistic picture of just how much work owning a dog could be.

Rating: 3 Stars

Source: From Author for Review