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Guest Post on Books that Influenced Your Writing:

The three books that have significantly influenced my writing are House of Sprits by Isabel Allende; House of Mirth by Edith Wharton; and The Giver by Louis Lowry. Each of these books has strengthened my writing as an author. Read how and why below:

1) House of Spirits, Isabel Allende

How: 10th grade, International Baccalaureaten (IB) English Class.

Why: Numero uno! Her book, House of Spirits, is pure genius. Point. Blank. Period. Even though she writes magic realism, I’ve learned tremendously from her. My writing reflects her use of vivid details in order to make characters and settings leap from the page. For example, I meticulously detail the sacred pearling ceremony in Book #2, from white lanterns that illuminated the grand tent to the Headmistress Tissel’s speech.      

Narration is also one of Allende’s literary gifts. Like her, I want readers to feel like they have a companion reading with them. A narrator that can emphasize the seriousness of particular moods, while joking about others.

2) House of Mirth, Edith Wharton

How: Summer at Duke University—literally browsing the library and stumbled upon it.

Why: The book explores the difficulty of being a woman in the early 19th century. It describes a time in which women were trapped by politeness, unable to freely pursue their careers or choose a mate outside their class. Although romance is woven throughout the book, it really focuses on women’s choices, or lack thereof in this era. Through this book I learned how to not only deepen a character, but also make them both complicated and endearing. Nisha, a Galstanberry Girl in my series, is delightful yet complicated like Lilly of The House of Mirth. She captivates your heart but also makes you shake your head with confusion and perhaps disappointment.
3) The Giver, Louis Lowry

How: Middle School

Why: Does this need further explanation? I was introduced to, and captivated by, The Giver in 7th grade. The whole idea of a utopian society, that is not completely utopian ( hence the main drama of the book) was intriguing. Lois Lowry therefore taught me how to make interesting plot twists. 

The Girlz or Galstanberry by Garen S. Wolff

From the boroughs of New York, to the beaches of San Francisco, girls hail from all walks of life, to sport the violet blazer, pink beret, and coveted ‘Galstanberry Girl’ title….
The Galstanberry twenty acre estate, flanked by a magnificent rose garden and horse stables, rises up from the horizon like a French chateau with interconnected balustrades and high-spiraling turrets that seemed to touch the clouds. It was constructed in 1926 by Mr. Charles Galstanberry, an earnest gentleman that believed a son to be the only proper heir to the vast family fortune. Yet when Eleanor gave birth to their only child, Aundrea, not Andrew, he vowed to make her as academically astute as her male counterparts.
Decades later, 5 girls—a spoiled equestrian, funky B-girl, skilled ballet dancer, freestyle poet, and clever debater—from different cities, socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities are admitted into Galstanberry Girls Academy, a now world renowned boarding school in Connecticut. Their varied personalities and backgrounds lead to inevitable drama and internal conflicts. However, with each triumph and tribulation, the girls grow, transforming themselves and the academy.

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