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Christine Amsden has been writing science fiction and fantasy for as long as she can remember. She loves to write and it is her dream that others will be inspired by this love and by her stories. Speculative fiction is fun, magical, and imaginative but great speculative fiction is about real people defining themselves through extraordinary situations. Christine writes primarily about people and it is in this way that she strives to make science fiction and fantasy meaningful for everyone.
At the age of 16, Christine was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, a condition that effects the retina and causes a loss of central vision. She is now legally blind, but has not let this slow her down or get in the way of her dreams.
Christine currently lives in the Kansas City area with her husband, Austin, who has been her biggest fan and the key to her success. They have two beautiful children, Drake and Celeste.

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If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?
Do I have to choose only one direction? I’d love to see it all, but if I have to pick only one, I would probably go into the past. The future always has possibilities, and it is whatever we make of it, so I could never see more than one possible future anyway. In the past, however; I could discover truths lost forever to time and bias.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?
My husband, the wreckage of the boat that left us there, and some tools so he can fix the motor while I work on making it float again. The idea of being alone for an indefinite length of time is probably the worst fate I could imagine. Even if my husband and I couldn’t get that boat seaworthy again, we would at least have each other.

What is one book everyone should read?
I have never met a book that I think everyone should read. I’ve read books that I loved, that I would share with the world if I could, but I also recognize the extremes of human preference. That is the reason why, at the bottom of most of my reviews, I recommend books “To those who like such and such…” When I love a book, one of the first things I often do is go to goodreads and read the 1-star reviews, to help me imagine why someone else might hate what I loved. It is sometimes entertaining, often aggravating, but always an illuminating exercise.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?
Flying would be the most fun, but in the end, I’d have to go with teleportation, even if it didn’t give me quite the same thrill to use, because it would be so incredibly useful.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate chip cookie dough, because it doesn’t make me feel quite as guilty as eating regular cookie dough.

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
French toast topped with warm, lightly sugared berries.

Night owl, or early bird?
You’d better catch me in the afternoon, actually. In college, my friends used to have fun with me at breakfast, trying to get my sluggish brain to boot up properly. When it’s too close to bedtime, I sometimes get grumpy, and then, if I get a second wind, I just get silly.

One food you would never eat?
Fugu (Japanesse blow fish – deadly if prepared wrong). I’m very open-minded about food, and pride myself on the idea that I will try anything at least once, but I have to draw the line if it might kill me.

Skittles or M&Ms?
Neither, which probably means I shouldn’t answer this question, but I had to confess – I’m a chocolate snob! Or, I suppose, a candy snob, but the other has a nicer ring to it.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
If the cost of eternal youth grew too high, would you give up your shot at immortality?

Any other books in the works?
Yes, lots of them. I currently have a four-book urban fantasy series (mostly finished) that I am shopping around and hope to see settled into a home soon. I absolutely fell in love with my heroine in that project. Plus, right now I am working on a new romantic fantasy novel.

Goals for future projects?
My only goal right now is to finish one book each year, so that I have a large collection of works to offer. I write both science fiction and fantasy, though lately it has been more fantasy and I am including more romance in my stories than before. The thing that connects my stories is the strong female heroine with some kind of vulnerability she has to overcome. Otherwise, I like to create where the mood takes me, and hope others will respond to my passion.

What inspired you to want to become a writer?
I didn’t choose to become a writer, it’s in my heart and soul. My earliest memories, even before I could read, involve me staring at picture books and making up stories. I wrote my first novel, about Cabbage Patch Dolls going to Mars, at seven or eight.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
My spirit soars every time I read a positive review of one of my books, or when someone just writes to tell me they enjoyed reading. I became a writer because I had to, but I sought publication because I wanted to share my stories with others in the hopes that they would find meaning, or at least enjoyment, in them.

If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world.. which would it be?
I gave this question quite a bit of thought, trying to figure out why it was so difficult for me to answer when I love so many books. Then, it hit me – in every book I truly love, it is because of a character, not a place. I considered the world of Ender’s Game, but really, I just loved Ender and Bean. I thought of Harry Potter, but no, I really just like Harry and Hermione. If I lived in the world of The Dresden Files, I would probably get killed, but I sure to like Harry Dresden.

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?
It was a toss up between the Chronicles of Narnia (I read A Horse and His Boy more than any other book in the series) and A Wrinkle in Time.

If you could be one of the Greek Gods, which would it be and why?
Aphrodite, because we could always use a little more love in the world.

Can you see yourself in any of your characters?
Yes, although I have to admit that Grace, the heroine in The Immortality Virus, is more who I think it would be cool to be than who I am. My voice does show through in her personality at odd moments, though.

What’s the craziest writing idea you’ve had?
I don’t know how crazy it is, but I considered, recently, writing a blog-based story as if I were the main character, having some sort of adventure and reporting in every few days.

Favorite Food?

Favorite Candy?

What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?
Movie: The final volume of the final Harry Potter series – finally, I can put it to rest! 🙂
Book: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher, Volume 13 in the Dresden Files series and holding my interest better than ever!

What was your favorite children’s book?
The Monster at the End of This Book

How do you react to a bad review?
Oh boy. So, do you want the official, polished up version, or the no-holds-barred truth? Let’s try it both ways, and see what happens…
Bad reviews are part of life, and as a writer, I have had to develop a thick skin. As I mentioned above, there isn’t any book I would recommend to everyone, and that includes my own books. I put a piece of myself into my books when I send them out into the world, and when you read them, you pull a piece of yourself out. So the story I thought I wrote isn’t necessarily the one you read, and that’s okay. It’s part of life.
But seriously, there’s a little girl inside of me who just isn’t quite that evolved, and tends to shed a few tears. Then she gets angry because, of course, that person missed the point entirely! Then she vents to her husband, after which, she seeks out positive reviews for a bit of affirmation. (This is all done in private – reviews are always the opinion of the person writing them, and I would never publicly criticize a negative review of one of my books.)
Every word I wrote above is absolutely true, so you can just decide which spin you prefer. 🙂

You have won one million dollars what is the first thing that you would buy?
A bigger house. I want my own study, so I don’t have to share with my husband. (Hey, there are times I do want to be alone!)

Which authors have influence you most how?
In 2003, I attended a by-audition boot camp taught by Orson Scott Card, and found him to be a not only wonderful writer, but a wonderful teacher as well. His ideas greatly influenced me, especially as I shifted from writing for me to writing for publication.

What’s your favorite season/weather?
Spring. It smells so good, and there is a certain energy in the newly awakening world.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Cheesy, usually bad end of the world movies.

What TV show/movie/book do you watch/read that you’d be embarrassed to admit?
When I started reading romance novels a couple of years ago, I was embarrassed about it, but to be honest, I’ve gotten past it now. It is another facet of what I like to read, and it has expanded my outlook, helping me to add new depth to my own stories.

The Immortality Virus by Christine Amsden

In the mid-21st century, the human race stopped aging. Those who know why aren’t talking, and the few who are brave enough to ask questions tend to disappear. To an elite few, The Change means long life and health, but to the ever-increasing masses, it means starvation, desperation, and violence.
Four centuries after The Change, Grace Harper, a blacklisted P.I., sets off on a mission to find the man responsible for it all and solicit his help to undo The Change — if he’s still alive. To complicate matters, Grace’s employer is suspected of murdering his father, and when the police learn of their connection, they give her a choice — help them find the evidence they need to convict Matthew Stanton, or die. But if they discover Grace’s true mission, they won’t hesitate to kill her in order to preserve their shot at immortality.

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