Book Review: Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch

Actions speak louder than words…

Solena, a young healer with a generous heart, is desperate to heal her dying grandfather. When she ventures into a hostile territory to find a rare herb, she finds out just how much she’s risked when she’s captured by the enemy and accused of being a spy.

As a soldier, Rundan has struggled all his life to please his father, a ruthless army commander, but when he’s ordered to take the beautiful trespasser to the royal courts, where she’ll be summarily tried and executed, he’s plagued by the most inconvenient desire to protect her at all costs.

Though terrified and anxious to escape, Solena is confused by the handsome young soldier who cruelly captures her and then displays uncommon kindness. When he risks his own life to save her, she discovers she may have risked more than her life… she may have lost her heart.

I normally do not read many ebooks. Author Lena Goldfinch approached me to read her “short-but-sweet” ebook a couple months ago. I enjoy sweet romance stories and since this one was only 70 pages I agreed to read and review it.

Lena managed to write a satisfying, well told story in just 70 pages. It was nice to be able to sit down and read an entertaining clean story in one sitting. A little romance, a little adventure, a little fantasy, a little historical fiction all mixed together to make a heart warming story that was worth my time to read.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author