Upcoming Event Announcement: Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop

Announcing the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop
June 21st to 24th

Plan to spend the longest day of the year entering giveaways as part of the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop.  Due to the large number of blogs that typically sign up to participate in my giveaway hops I’m extending this hop to 4 days instead of just 2.

June 21st – 24th

What is a giveaway hop?
Simple – Each participating blog hosts a giveaway and then we link up together allowing our followers to hop easily from one giveaway to another.
For followers this means lots of chances to win free books.
For blogs hosting a giveaway it means lots of new visitors.
It’s a win-win!

Each participating blog will host their own giveaway. There is no requirement on the minimum or maximum value of your giveaway. It’s up to you to decide. You can give away books, swags, amazon gift cards, or anything else you can think of that has to do with books. Your giveaway can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

All participating blogs will be linked up through a Giveaway linky.
Please keep the process to enter your giveaway as simple as possible.
Please no long lists of dozens of different things followers can do to gain extra entries.

As you prepare your giveaway post please remember the following:

1. The Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop Images needs to be part of your post.

2. Include the linky list with all the participating blogs at the end of your post OR link to: http://www.iamareader.com/p/midwinters-eve-giveaway-hop.html.

3. Giveaway must be book related

4. Keep the way to enter your giveaway as simple as possible. 1 Mandatory entry and no more than 5 optional extra entries.

Sample Post – From the Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop: http://www.iamareader.com/2011/01/dreaming-of-books-giveaway-hop.html

Please turn off word verification and CAPTCHA – If you are concerned about spam then enable comment moderation.

5. This must be a giveaway specifically for this hop and must run only the 4 days this hop is scheduled.

6. Keep your giveaway easy to find for the entire 4 days this hop is open.  If you post often and your post does not stay near the top of your main blog page then please post a link to your giveaway at the top of your blog or sidebar.

Please mark your calendars. One reminder email will be sent out to participants about 5 days before the hops starts.

Questions can be emailed to: toobusyreading at gmail dot com.

The last day to sign up is June 15th.

To Sign Up Please Fill Out This Form:

The linky list is NOT closed. I will add your information, just fill out the form above. Please note I only update the linky about once a week.

The linky list is NOT closed, just fill out the form above.