Blog Tour: Book Review – Depth of Deceit by Betty Briggs

How does an intelligent woman find herself mired in a web of deception, abuse, and danger? In Depth of Deceit, author Betty Briggs pulls her readers into the life of Stephanie Saunders, a lovely young attorney with a big heart, keen mind, and a trust in others that nearly proves disastrous. Her handsome and wealthy boyfriend strikes her as perfect, but is he too good to be true? Her boss hovers around her like a protector and friend, but is he? Stephanie’s work focuses on defending the indigent, and one client earns her trust and friendship, but why is he showing up at the oddest places? It seems that she can trust only the horses she trains and loves, magnificent beasts who remind her of life’s purposes and meaning. In a dramatic turn of events, Stephanie must make a decision that will affect her life forever. While fans of the author’s earlier novels will be thrilled to discover a familiar character, this novel stands alone in plot and dramatic impact.

Given the title of this book I was on alert from page one and had trouble trusting any of the characters assuming they were all deceiving the main character Stephanie. I was pulled in to a web of lies and deceit in this well told mystery. Although I guessed from the start who could be trusted, the book kept me turning the pages to the end to figure out just how deep the deceit went and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Although I would classify some of the subject matter in this book as “adult” in nature, I would still consider it to be a clean read with nothing graphic, no language, no sex scene.

There were a couple plot points I had trouble buying… such as a lawyer not knowing how to use the Internet to do a background check… but those implausibilities didn’t deter me from enjoying the storyline. I enjoyed the ending of this book. So many books end too quickly. There were still 50 pages left to wrap everything up after the book hit the climax which left plenty of time to answer all the questions I had and left me satisfied with the story. I’ll definitely be adding another one of Betty Briggs’ books to my to read list.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author for Review

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