Are you up for the Challenge? Screen-Free Week April 18-24

It used to be called Turn Off the TV week but times change. My kids don’t use the actual “TV” much anymore – now it’s other forms of “screens” – cell phones, computers, hand-held games…  We are taking the challenge to go Screen Free at my house next week.  No computer games, no TV, no movies, no video games.

There will be a few things that still have to be done online in front of a “screen”.  My kids usually have homework that requires a computer.  I pay bills online.  And as far as blogging goes I have several commitments for blog tours and reviews that have to be posted on certain days next week and the Easter Giveaway Hop starts on April 20th. So I’ll have to be online a little to keep those commitments but I’m trying my best to get everything ready to go this weekend so I too can be nearly Screen Free next week.

How about you?  Is your family taking the challenge?

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