Ebook Giveaway: Icarus Rising by David N. Pauly

Icarus Rising by David N. Pauly:

Icarus is a fantasy fiction story, where a medieval world full of different races of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Gracies have recently defeated the Terrible Dark Lord, Magnar. Now each race is trying to keep their lands and skills for themselves while expanding into each other’s territory. Each race of people believes that not only are they acting in their own self interest, but in the best interests of the entire world. Conflict quickly grows within and without of each race creating a complex world of intermeshing alliances and relationships. War threaten to break out when multiple assassinations explode across the City of Westmen, nearly killing crown prince Alfrahil. Who is to blame for these dastardly attacks?

David is offering 30 followers of this blog the chance to read and review his book for free. Icarus Rising is a clean fantasy book.

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Giveaway Details:
30 ebook copies of Icarus Rising
You will receive a coupon for a free copy from Smashwords
Ends 3/22