Book Review: Rudy and the Cirrus of Karma by R. M. Smith

In this rhyming picture book, a mischievous boy named Rudy comes across a mysterious creature after he falls into a sinkhole. He is granted 3 wishes and how he uses them will determine his fate—or will they? Things have changed for Rudy but he’s not so sure it’s for the better. He discovers a world where no one is home, his brother and sister are monsters, and his only hope is a creature named Cirrus.

Rudy falsely blames his brother and sister for a misdeed he commited.  He falls into a sinkhold and can’t get out.  Cirrus a cloud, who claims to be his conscience, grants him 3 wishes which help him learn the error of his ways.

This was a fun picture book to read outloud. I enjoyed the rhyming text and it has a good message about telling the truth and not blaming others. The illustrations help bring the story to life.

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author For Review