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As a child, Kristi Cook took her nose out of a book only long enough to take a ballet class (or five) each week. Not much has changed since then, except she’s added motherhood to the mix and enjoys penning her own novels as much as reading everybody else’s. A transplanted southern gal, Kristi lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.



If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?
Probably the past—I’m afraid the future might be too depressing. I’d love to visit Regency or Edwardian England, but only if I could be assured of good health! I definitely wouldn’t want to get sick or injured back in the days before modern medicine and antibiotics!

Night owl, or early bird?
Definitely a night owl! I hate mornings—I would sleep till noon every day, if I could. Plus, I’m way more creative at night.

One food you would never eat?
Escargot. Blech!

Skittles or M&Ms?

If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world, which would it be?
Hmmm, probably Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Darcy—need I say more?!

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?
I first read Gone With the Wind when I was 11, and it’s been my favorite book ever since. I’ve probably read it, oh, fifty times by now! To me, it’s the perfect novel, and Rhett Butler is probably my favorite fictional character ever! He’s just so…complex!

Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters?
I’d say Aidan’s theme song is “Waiting for the End” by Linkin Park.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Probably Hawaii! It’s warm, beautiful, and laid-back. Perfect for a writer, I think.

What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?
Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I can’t wait, though I will be sad that it’s over. Book: Hmm, I’m not sure. Does Stephanie Perkins have a new book coming out in 2011?! Because Anna and the French Kiss was probably my favorite book of 2010. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

What was your favorite children’s book?
Starring Sally J. Friedman as Herself, by Judy Blume, because Sally totally reminded me of me. Just like Sally, I was always making up stories/adventures in my head.

Which authors have influenced you most, and how?
As far as the paranormal elements in HAVEN go, Anne Rice’s mythology was probably the heaviest influence. I’ve tried to totally avoid reading/watching any of the current….ahem….similar paranormal books/TV shows.

What do you do in your free time?
Well, I have two kids, so their activities take up most of my free time these days. Otherwise, I read like crazy—several books a week, usually. I listen to music a lot, too. I love finding new-to-me bands!

What is your guilty pleasure?
The new Hawaii Five-O TV show! Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim?! It’s like eye-candy overload!

Finish the sentence- one book I wish I had written is….
The Hunger Games.

In your wildest dreams, which author would you love to co-author a book with?
Neil Gaiman, definitely. Because he’s brilliant!

Haven by Krisit Cook:

One month into her junior year, sixteen-year-old Violet McKenna transfers to the Winterhaven School in New York’s Hudson Valley, inexplicably drawn to the boarding school with high hopes. Leaving Atlanta behind, she’s looking forward to a fresh start–a new school, and new classmates who will not know her deepest, darkest secret, the one she’s tried to hide all her life: strange, foreboding visions of the future.

But Winterhaven has secrets of its own, secrets that run far deeper than Violet’s. Everyone there–every student, every teacher–has psychic abilities, ‘gifts and talents,’ they like to call them. Once the initial shock of discovery wears off, Violet realizes that the school is a safe haven for people like her. Soon, Violet has a new circle of friends, a new life, and maybe even a boyfriend–Aidan Gray, perhaps the smartest, hottest guy at Winterhaven.

Only there’s more to Aidan than meets the eye–much, much more. And once she learns the horrible truth, there’s no turning back from her destiny. Their destiny. Together, Violet and Aidan must face a common enemy–if only they can do so without destroying each other first.

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