Linky Tools Shout Out

Last week I logged into and saw this message:


Linky Tools has grown to over 16,000 users and I can no longer continue to pay all the expenses out of my own pocket to keep it free as I have done for a couple of years. Ads and donations are not working. I have to go to a subscription service.


It took me all of about 2 minutes of thinking about it to click on over to paypal and pay to stay with linkytools. 

I’ve been using Linky Tools for the past 6 months and have found it to be a very reliable service. Brent has put a lot of time into making linky tools user friendly and I decided it was well worth $2 a month to stay wtih him and his service.

I have no desire to search for and find another linky site when I know linky tools serves my needs.  With all the hops I host I really need a linky that I can depend on. 

I know a lot of people will be jumping ship because they are not willing to pay for a linky service.  That means those linkys will likely have reliabilty issues with the new influx of users.  Odds are that within a few month they too will start having to charge to keep their service reliable.

With less people using linky tools due to the subscription cost linky tools should become even more reliable in the future.  Not to mention the fact that I have 3 huge upcoming giveaway hops and the time it would take me to export and set up new linkys is worth so much more than $24.  It just makes sense for me to stay with Linky Tools.

Plus Brent is a nice guy and it’s nice to help out the nice guy once in a while.

So there you have it…. My shout out to Brent and linkytools and the reason I’m staying where I am. 

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