Free to a Good Home – Books Needing Review

I really try hard to review every book that I receive but my to-review pile is out of control.  I honestly read a lot.  I’ve already read 28 book so far in 2011 but I just can’t keep up.

I know that authors often spend their own money to send books out for review. If I am unable to provide a timely review I’m willing to ship the books I received for review on to another reviewer.

Free to a Good Home – Books for Review:
So here’s the deal.  I will ship these books to reviewers who are willing and committed to read them.  To request the books you must have a book review blog or a very active goodreads account. Due to high shipping costs I will only ship these books to reviewers in the US. 

Please only fill out the form below to request books for review if you are committed to review the book within the next month or two at the latest.  These books go fast.  I’ll check the form later this afternoon and randomly draw reviewers.

The Affluenza Antidote – Emily H.

Googlelize Your Life – Christi A.

First Generation White Collar – Lisa M.

The Story of Cirrus Flux – received via Mundie Kids Book Review Blog – Patricia M.

Reviewers were randomly choosen for each book – I’ll get them in the mail next week – Thanks!!