Book Review: Unlocking the Power of the Spirit by Campbell Gray

Obedience to the Lord’s commandments does not exempt us from trials and struggles in life. But it does qualify us for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit can comfort us. It can chasten us. It can confirm our choices or prompt us in new directions. It can give us feelings or strokes of ideas. And learning to understand the subtle communications of the Spirit is one of the most important thnings we will ever do in this life. The Spirit is our lifeline to heaven. Yet at times, when we are weighed down by feelings of personal inadequacy or distracted by the trials and busyness of life, we may feel that we have been left largely on our own.

Iin this book, Campbell Gray suggests that the Holy Ghost can be a constant presence in our lives, gently leading us through our inclinations and desires. By learning to be attentive to the Spirit above all, we will find grace that overcomes our own personal weaknesses – not just over time, but in the very moment – and find ourselves being carried “wither (we) wouldest not” (John 21:18).

Unlocking the Power of the Spirit is a great read for a Sunday afternoon.  There was nothing in this book that I hadn’t heard before but it was a gentle reminder of things I already knew.  It reminded me of an extended EFY or Fireside talk.  My favorite parts were when the author used his personal life experience to illustrate the point he was trying to make. 

The eight chapters could easily be read in one sitting or could be spread out and read over the course of a week by reading one each day.  Helped me to remember the importance of feeling the spirt each day and the peace it can bring.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: Won in a giveaway