Book Review: First Truth by Dawn Cook

Alissa doesn’t believe in magic. her father’s stories about the Hold, a legendary fortress where human Keepers learn magic from the enigmatic Maters, are just that―stories. But her mother insists that Alissa has inherited her father’s magical ability, and so she must go to the Hold―the only place her talents can be trained.

On her way, she crosses paths with Strell, a wandering musician from the plains. And though Alissa is not sure she can trust a plainsman, Strell has something she needs―one of her father’s old maps. Traveling together, they can reach the Hold before the snow sets in.

But they don’t know that the Hold is nearly empty. Something is very wrong and someone believes that Alissa and Strell knows about a book called First Truth.

Up until just over a week ago I had never heard of this series before. I was looking for a new audio book to listen to and my friend Diane had rated this one 5 stars. We have similar taste in books so I thought I’d give it a try. This was right up my alley!

I love fantasy, especially clean fantasy. I tried explaining this book to my husband yesterday and couldn’t. It’s such a simple storyline but like most epic fantasy it’s full of complex details. 

If you enjoy epic fantasy give this series a try.  I loved watching the relationship between Strell and Alissa develop. First Truth is a clean read with great characters and just subtle hints of romance which will hopefully become not quite so subtle in the rest of the series.  As soon as I finished this last night I downloaded and started on book 2 in the series.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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