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Book Blogger Hop
“What book influenced or changed your life? How did it influence/change you?”
There are many books that have influenced me. The Book of Mormon, The Peacegiver, Odds Are, You’re Going to Be Exalted, Twilight. All these book influenced me by changing the way I thought about something or someone.

What book(s) have you discovered lately from someone’s book blog?The book I’m most looking forward to reading that I discovered on multiple book blogs is Unearthly.

Weekly Update

Current Giveaways:

New Year’s Reading Resolutions Giveaway: $12 in books & The Touch of Sage by Marcia Lynn McClure Ends 1/9 NEW THIS WEEK
 New Year's Reading Resolutions

Lastingness ends 1/10

The Ancillary’s Mark ends 1/12

Audiobook: Rescue ends 1/13

Salvaged ends 1/16

Command Influence ends 1/16

The Wolves of Andover ends 1/17

Bloodthirsty ends 1/17 NEW THIS WEEK

Cross Fire ends 1/18

Peace and Plenty ends 1/19

Hell’s Corner ends 1/20

An Object of Beauty ends 1/21

Hollywood Hills ends 1/22

Fed Up! ends 1/23 NEW THIS WEEK

Cleopatra ends 1/23 NEW THIS WEEK

The Royal Dragoneer ends 1/24 NEW THIS WEEK

The Girl Who Ran With Horses ends 1/25 NEW THIS WEEK

Princess and Missy’s Magical Adventures ends 1/26 NEW THIS WEEK

Dogsled Dreams ends 1/27 NEW THIS WEEK

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu ends 1/27 NEW THIS WEEK

The Miracle of Rain ends 1/27 NEW THIS WEEK

Bellyache ends 1/28 NEW THIS WEEK

Winning Mr. Wrong ends 1/28 NEW THIS WEEK

33 Habits of a Really Good Man ends 1/30 NEW THIS WEEK

The Forest of Adventures ends 1/31 NEW THIS WEEK

Melinda and the Wild West ends 1/31 NEW THIS WEEK

It Was Out of Love ends 1/31 NEW THIS WEEK

Kevin’s Point of View ends 1/31 NEW THIS WEEK

The Butt Book ends 1/31 NEW THIS WEEK

Nearly New Books for You Giveaways: NEW THIS WEEK: Wolf Pie, Gimmie A Call, Tick Tock ends 1/11

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New Reviews Posted This Week:
One Hand, Two Hands, Athena the Brain, Persephone the Phony, 33 Habits of a Really Good Man, The Worst Case Survival Handbook: Gross Junior Edition, Island Sting, Bellyache, Ballad of the Rag Man, Aphrodite the Beauty, Peas and Bananas, Mubu & Mu-Mu, and The Butt Book.

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