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What was your favorite subject in school?
In college most definately my Children’s Literature Class.
In high school it would have to have been an elective like foods or perhaps track.

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Bellyache ends 1/28

Winning Mr. Wrong ends 1/28

33 Habits of a Really Good Man ends 1/30

The Target ends 1/30

Artemis the Brave Prize Pack ends 1/31 NEW THIS WEEK

The Forest of Adventures ends 1/31

Melinda and the Wild West ends 1/31

It Was Out of Love ends 1/31

Kevin’s Point of View ends 1/31

The Butt Book ends 1/31

Melinda & the Wild West ends 1/31

Peas & Bananas ends 2/1

A Chronicle of Endymlyr ends 2/1

The Cross and the Psychiarist ends 2/1 NEW THIS WEEK

Letters of Marque ends 2/2

The Weaver ends 2/3

Said the Spider ends 2/3

Once Upon A Surrogate ends 2/4

Miles Away… Worlds Apart ends 2/4

The Star Prophecy ends 2/6

Knight Angels books 1 & 2 ends 2/6

Little Joe ends 2/7

Drought ends 2/7

The Secret of the Scarlet Stone ends 2/7

Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead ends 2/7

Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? ends 2/7

Will Work for Prom Dress ends 2/7

Harry the Happy Caterpillar ends 2/8

Daughter of Xanadu ends 2/8

$50 CSN STORES Giveaway ends 2/8

Flirt Club ends 2/8

Rival ends 2/10

The Privateer ends 2/10

Portal ends 2/10

Warped ends 2/11

Unlocked ends 2/13

Edge of Escape Ends 2/13

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker ends 2/14

Red Riding Hood ends 2/14 NEW THIS WEEK

Unscrambled Eggs ends 2/15

Meg’s Melody ends 2/15

Crossed Out ends 2/16 NEW THIS WEEK

The Healing Code ends 2/17 NEW THIS WEEK

Into the Shadow ends 2/18 NEW THIS WEEK

Son of Eden ends 2/21 NEW THIS WEEK

The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz ends 2/22 NEW THIS WEEK

Other Words for Love ends 2/24 NEW THIS WEEK

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New Reviews Posted This Week:
The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz
Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream
Second Chance
Falling Under
Artemis the Brave
The Peasant Queen
Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?
Lost on Spirit River
Where I Belong

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