Free to a Good Home – Books Needing to Be Reviewed

I really try hard to review every book that I receive but my to review pile has gotten out of control.  I honestly read a lot.  I’ve already read 23 book so far in 2011 but I just can’t keep up, books are coming in for review at a much faster pace than I can read them. 

When I first started reviewing books I got on Bostick Communication’s Press Releases for new books and would request books (this is a great place to start if you are a new blogger looking for books to review). I requested anything that sounded interesting to me and occasionally an author would actually send me a book to review.  Something change about 3 or 4 months ago, as my blog grew and I started to receive every book I requested.  I quit requesting books once they started to come in faster than I could read them but I’ve not yet caught up. 

I know that authors spend their own money to send books out for review. If I am unable to provide a timely review I’m willing to ship the books I received for review on to another reviewer.

Free to a Good Home – Books for Review:
So here’s the deal.  I will ship these books to reviewers who are willing and committed to read them.  To request the books you must have a book review blog or a very active goodreads account. Due to high shipping costs I will only ship these books to reviewers in the US. 

Please only fill out the form below to request books for review if you are committed to review the book within the next month or two at the latest.

There are 15 books up for review as I select reviewers I’ll delete the book from the list.

Books are being sent to the following reviewers:

Sophie Sanchez
Adelina Priddis
Deborah Andreasen
BJ Gaskill
Rachel Davis
Mindy Janicke


I’ll put up another bunch of books needing reviews next week.


  1. Are you still looking for reviewers? I have a blog at and I also have a Goodreads acct.