Book Review: Once Upon A Surrogate by Jill Hancock Reeder

Have you ever wondered what is like to be a surrogate mom? Jill Hancock Reeder describes what it is like to be a “helper”- a stork if you will in children’s terms. Jill has been a surrogate before. She knows what it is like. Illustrations for the book are created by none other than her own children! It is simply beautiful!
If you or your children have ever wondered what is like to be a surrogate, I would highly recommend this book. You can catch a small glimpse of what it is like to be an incubator to someone who can’t have any children of their own. You can teach your children there is more than one way to have children.
And if you yourself are struggling to have children perhaps surrogacy might be the answer for you!

First off I’m in awe of anyone who is willing to be a surrogate mother.  I’ve had 5 children and being pregnant is no picnic in the park. Delivering those babies was an amazing experience but not one I would long to repeat.  Author Jill Hancock Reeder has been a surrogate 3 times, one of those times was for twins.  What a selfless act of service to carry a child for someone who can’t have one.

Once Upon a Surrogate: The Stork’s Helper was illustrated by Jill’s daughters.  This book explains what a surrogate is and how the process works.  Comparing herself to a “stork” who delivers a baby to those who want one, this book provides a way to discuss surrogacy with young children.  Obviously this is a book for a very targeted audience but one that would be perfect for the children of a surrogate or to give to their friends and others who have questions about surrogacy.

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author for Review