Book Review: Mubu & Mu-Mu: The Little Animal Doctor by Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander announces his first children’s book, Mubu & Mu-Mu, the Little Animal Doctor. A series of five more books aimed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 will be released featuring the little Thai heroine who has grown up to become a savior of elephants in her country.

Forty-four years ago she was just an unknown six-year-old girl living with her family in a hill tribe in the remote forests of northern Thailand. She had never seen a television set or a telephone. Her village nicknamed her Lek, which means ‘small,’ because she was such a little girl.. One person, her grandfather, the village shaman saw something special about the little girl. He gave her a secret name. Mubu: the child who climbed trees like a monkey.

When he trekked in the mountainous wilderness looking for herbal plants to heal the ailments of his people, he brought Mubu with him. To teach her the mysteries of Nature. One day he brought a baby gibbon home with him. The animal’s hand had been badly injured in a hunter’s trap. Mubu was both excited and distressed to see the sad, sweet-looking baby.

“You are my little animal doctor”, her grandfather told the girl. “You can help heal this gibbon.” She felt so proud that her grandfather had such faith in her. And thus began Mubu’s first adventure as an animal savior. She became both a healer and a playmate for the frightened animal she named Mu-Mu. Mubu helped to renew little Mu-Mu, and with her grandfather returned the gibbon to her family in the forest.

Then she continued rescuing and restoring needy animals, from owls to elephants- for the rest of her life. Today Mubu is respected all over the world for saving mistreated elephants and other endangered wild animals, for caring for sick street animals and initiating programs to protect the environment. She is now known as Sangduen (Lek) Chailert, who in 1996 established The Elephant Nature Park, north of Chiang Mai. Lek was originally Mubu, the little Thai girl who really mattered.

Mubu & Mu-Mu is based on the life experience of Sangduen (Lek) Chailert (aka Mubu) who set up The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. 

As a young girl Mubu’s grandfather gave her an injured gibbon to care for.  She lovingly nursed the gibbon back to health.  This book details her interactions with the gibbon and subsequent releasing back to the wild.  The end of the book shares facts about gibbons & Mubu’s life as a child in Thailand and a message from Mubu to young readers. 

This is a very well done book with beautiful illustrations and an entertaining, educational story.
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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