Book Review: Impractical Grace by John S. Bushman

A COUPLE’S FAILING MARRIAGE, a family’s heartbreaking accident, and a woman’s excruciating childhood—these are just a few of the challenges confronting these individuals. But with struggle, patience and faith, they each discover that there’s no limit to God’s power to heal, strengthen, and transform.

PART TREATISE, PART NOVEL, Impractical Grace pulls you in as you learn with the characters how the grace of God and the grace we show one another really can change everything. Take part in these doctrinal insights to the Savior’s grace and love in this compelling novel full of true-to-life stories of hardship and hope.

What does Jesus offer us? What is the extent of the Lord’s power to heal, save, renew, and transform? In this novel, three broken lives find the transforming power of the Savior. Through this gripping novel, doctrinal insights of the Savior’s grace and love are shared. See the transforming work of God’s grace and love that moves through, and changes everyone in this compelling book.

Impractical Grace teaches doctrine and principles in a story format. The book chronicles a new bishop attempting to help 3 members of his ward understand the Lord’s atonement and his “impractical grace”.

I would recommend this book to any and everyone who would like to better understand grace, a term that is often used but hard to describe. John S. Bushman uses scriptures, as well as quotes from apostles and prophets to teach how the Lord’s grace can help and heal us.

I’m sure everyone can relate to at least one of the trials the characters in this book are experiencing: a troubled marriage, a tragic accident, abuse, the inability to forgive someone who has wronged us. The doctrine taught in this book has the ability to change those open enough to give these principles a try.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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