Book Review: Bellyache by Crystal Marcos

A lip-smacking, mouthwatering, absolutely delectable debut, BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale by Crystal Marcos is a literary feast for ages seven and up. In the vein of Roald Dahl’s best-loved adventures, Marcos offers a mystical, character driven escapade that intertwines strands of reality with a larger-than-life fantasy world. When Peter Fischer sets out to help his grandfather at Papa’s Sweet Shop, he will quickly learn that sneaking sweets and covering up his sugar-dusted tracks will have major consequences. As Peter is transported to a mysteriously delicious, faraway land, a curious people known as the Candonites, some of whom have no time for a non-Candonite, will teach Peter a lesson on what it means to be different and what it means to forgive.

Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in this delicious, whimsical book.

I picked this book up on New Year’s Eve because I had a “Bellyache” after eating too much food.  I could so relate to Peter who was helping in his grandfather’s sweet shop and kept sneaking treats.  Before long Peter is not feeling so well and is transported to the whimsical land of the Candonites.  A place where the people look and smell good enough to eat.

I’m sure children ages 6 to 10 will enjoy this book.  It would make a fun read aloud for younger kids and a good read alone for those who are a little older.  It wrapped up a little too quickly for me and I never fully understood why a couple of characters acted like they did but otherwise an enjoyable, tasty read.

Content: Clean

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Source: From Author for Review