Book Review: Ballad of the Rag Man by Cynthia Gustavson

The Ballad of the Rag Man by Cynthia Gustavson is a unique children’s picture book. A young girl has heard rumors about the Rag Man whose yard is a dump full of things he collects from every one’s garbage. One day the Rag Man takes the young girls cast off teddy bear out of her garbage can. She decides to follow him home and sneaks a peek into his shed to see what will become of her teddy bear.
The Rag Man teaches a great lesson about not judging others or fearing things that are different.  The text rhymes and the pictures are bright and vivid.  This book would be great to use prior to starting a service or recycling project.

The author has created a website for The Rag Man Project:
THE RAG MAN PROJECT offers you many opportunities, whether you want to teach children, help the homeless in your community or even create an inspirational video that helps others get involved. At The Rag Man Project, you’ll find kits that include activities for parents and teachers to do with children – everything from crafts to volunteer ideas.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Source: From Author For Review.