Blog Tour: Book Review: The Peasant Queen by Cheri Chesley

After running away from home, Krystal is transported to a faraway kingdom where an evil tyrant is bent on taking the crown – and Krystal’s hand in marriage. But when she falls in love with the rightful heir to the throne, she must make an impossible choice: sacrifice her one chance at happiness or face the destruction of an entire kingdom.

The Peasant Queen is a light, easy, sweet read.  The story contains a good mix of adventure and romance with a strong heroine and a little magic.  This is a book I really enjoyed and can easily recommend to readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy fairy tales.  I was summarizing the book to my husband who commented it sound a lot like a Disney movie.  Also reminded me a little of The Princess Bride.

Lovers of Shannon Hale’s Goose Girls series are sure to enjoy this book.  I wish the ending hadn’t wrapped up quite so quickly and there was one other plot point that I felt wasn’t adequately explained but still a wonderful story I would recommend.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author For Review