Blog Tour: Book Review: The First-Timer’s Cookbook by Shawn Bucher

The First-Timer’s Cookbook is the one cookbook that teaches all the basics. With simple techniques and easy step-by-step instructions for cooking almost anything, now you can learn how to cook, not just what to cook. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Lots of descriptive photos. Easy to understand and fun to use.

This book claims it teaches the “basics” and it isn’t kidding. There are no actual recipes in this book it is truly meant for a beginner who does not know their way around a kitchen.

The first 5 chapters define the basics of cooking explaining how to set a table, basic cookware to purchase, how to properly use a knife and cooking procedures. The remaining 8 chapters include how to cook meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, how to bread food, cook pasta, potatoes and rice, how to prepare sauces and season foods. Truly a book on how to do the basics. As I have cooked quite a bit I found this book too basic and wasn’t able to glean much from it. I thought it could have been improved by having a couple more chapters that included some basic recipes.

If you have never cooked before this book would be a great place to start. It has descriptive photos and easy step by step instructions.

About The Author:
Chef Shawn Bucher holds business degrees and a culinary certificate and has worked in the food service industry for over 12 years. Having been involved in most aspects of the industry “from grocery stores to restaurants, hotels, schools to corporate training and development,” he brings a unique and overall perspective to cooking and the food service industry.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Source: For Review as part of blog tour