Blog Tour: Book Review: Island Sting by Bonnie J Doerr

Island Sting by Bonnie J. Doerr:
The Story: Kenzie didn’t expect her first summer in the Florida Keys to be murder. Or cute guys, awesome boats, endangered species, and gun-toting thugs… When city girl Kenzie Ryan moves to a Florida wildlife refuge, she plunges straight into an eco-mystery. Kenzie trades New York streets for Keys pollution cleanup, and now, instead of hailing cabs, she’s tracking down a poacher of endangered Key deer. Her new home does have some benefits-mainly Angelo, an island native, who teams up with her to nab the culprit. But will they both survive when the killer turns from stalking deer to hunting humans? Island Sting includes notes on the endangered Florida Key Deer and the National Key Deer Refuge.

Island Sting by Bonnie Doerr is an environmentally friendly middle grade read aimed at children ages 10-12. This is a book about making a difference. When Kenzie rescues a small deer a desire and passion is awoken within her. Kenzie and her friend Angelo gather their friend and do what they can to help protect the endangered Key deer. Cleaning up litter, encouraging tourist to stop feeding the deer and tracking down a poacher make a great adventure story for younger readers.  This book was also educational with references to the environment and wildlife of Big Pine Key.  The last few pages of the book contain facts about the miniature Key deer and measures that have been taken to protect it.

Island Sting is a book I would recommend to kids who are interested in doing something to help the environment and endangered animals. It is a book that could be used in a classroom or homeschooling unit as a springboard to teach a dozen different subjects to students.

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Rating: 4 Stars

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