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I grew up fascinated by codes and intricate puzzles, later graduating to treasure hunts and road rallies. I also fantasized on the quarter hour about love, romance and universal mysteries. My YA novel Edge of Escape weaves my passions together, but my children’s novels stick to the puzzling side of pre-teen life. When not reading, writing or re-writing I might be surfing, splitting logs or attending secret meetings.

Debra’s latest YA novel, EDGE OF ESCAPE, reveals the fractured heart of Eddie, an emotionally impaired 18-year-old who has spent most of his school years in special education classes. Dysfunctional yet clever, Eddie has fixated on popular Rebecca. He abducts her and then tries to be her rescuer as she escapes his traps. Whose delicate spirit will break first? Will she accept his fragile devotion or reject his special crush? Stalking gets a strangely sympathetic twist in this story of obsession and survival. Find out more at

Her children’s series consists of 3 adventure books, THE SECRET IN THE HIDDEN CAVE, MYSTERY’S GRAVE, and BULLIES AND BEARS, one fantasy novel, A TICK IN TIME, and a two scary stories in one book, BIGFOOT DAY, NINJA NIGHT. All are appropriate for boys and girls ages 8 – 12.


If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?
I would love to go back to college and spy on myself and my husband. We discovered from looking at our transcripts that we had two classes together, but we didn’t meet until ten years later when we taught in the same high school.

If you were a superhero what would your name be?
I would be Grammar Girl, quickly dissolving errant apostrophes on laminated menus, stopping arrogant Oprah guests in their tracks as they incorrectly use possessive pronouns and, of course, chasing after run-on sentences.

How do you react to a bad review?
Like anything negative I use it to build on. We learn more from mistakes, pain, humiliation, fear, etc., than from anything else. I want to be a better storyteller and my family and friends aren’t going to critique me the way you are. Bring it on. In the long run a bad review will help me. (But please balance the criticism with praise for anyone you evaluate.)

What is your favorite book that has been made into a movie?
Jurassic Park. I loved the book and the movie didn’t disappoint. An author like Michael Crichton creates a world in your mind and when the movie captures it exactly as you imagined, well, that’s amazing. The same thing happened with the Harry Potter books and movies. They’re great. I hope the Hunger Games movie can match the books.

Where is your favorite place to read/write?
I can read anywhere, but I write in the sunroom of our log home. We designed and built it ourselves (slide show on my blog) and it’s all logs – no drywall. Staring at the walls is comforting and inspirational.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
You should read Edge of Escape because you like a story that makes you keep turning the pages.

What is your dream cast for your book?
I think a good casting director would have to find an unknown to play creepy yet pathetic and handsome Eddie. I think Cory Monteith could capture the innocence of Eddie (and he’s good-looking), but would girls believe him as a disturbed stalker? Hmm, maybe.

How would you classify your book (which genre)?
Genre: YA, suspense thriller, or psychological thriller

EDGE OF ESCAPE reveals the fractured heart of Eddie, an emotionally impaired 18-year-old who has spent most of his school years in special education classes. Placed there by an over protective mother who also blames her son for his unintentional part in his father’s death, Eddie is kept separated from normal student interactions. Eddie’s guilt and his place among the unaccepted serve to keep him invisible to the rest of the students, especially the popular ones. His uncontainable obsession for the popular Rebecca compels him to devise a plan to pull her into his world and win her over. What should have been appropriate advances become, for Rebecca, the terror of stalking and abduction. She wakes up trapped, she escapes, and then she makes a wrong choice and is trapped again. Throughout her ordeal as she escapes again and again, there are flashbacks into both Rebecca’s and Eddie’s lives and how those lives have been intersecting all through their school years. If she falls for the fragile spirit who stalks her, does love erase evil intent? If she fails to see the innocent infatuation for what it is, will she be responsible for the inevitable tragedy that foreshadows their tangled fate?

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