Christmas Book Review: The Christmas Journey by Donna VanLiere

The eighty-mile journey of a common carpenter and a simple peasant girl is one of the most powerful stories in history. As books go out of print and stories fade from memory, the journey of Joseph and Mary and her delivery inside a common barn continues to bless and inspire hope in people around the world. Accompanied by moving and beautifully rendered illustrations throughout, Donna VanLiere’s retelling shows that the story of the Nativity is alive in our modern world.

The Christmas Journey by Donna VanLiere is a narrative Donna wrote years back to read at a Christmas banquet. The book begins with the Christmas story as found in Luke 2.  It then chronicles the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and the birth of the Savior.

“Somewhere along the way the cave has been sanitized, the birth made painless and the people involved stripped of all fear or emotion.”

This short book describes a little of what it must have really been like for Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem with Mary ready to give birth.  Having had 5 children it made me appreciate the reality of what they must have gone through.  Traveling eighty miles on the back of a donkey just days before having a baby, no thank you.  What a miserable journey that must have been. 

Reading this book made me appreciative for what Mary and Joseph went through and made me grateful for the conveniences of modern day life. 

This is a really fast read, probably less than 30 minutes total to read.  It’s filled with beautiful illustrations that accompany the story.  A great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: Received copy for review