Christmas Book Review: A First Christmas; Friends and Festivity by Sean Noonan

A First Christmas: Friends and Festivity by Sean Noonan

Beyond the half-sleep lies a land of dreams where anything can happen….

Join Elannah and Sam as they drift off happily into the fantastical world of their dreams where they visit Rodger the Badger and the Bridge Troll for some festive fun…or so they think…until ….

“Well” Rodger said, “The Twelve Toed Ugly Troll never did celebrate Christmas”

“Never celebrated Christmas!?” Sam exclaimed incredulously, a look of such bewilderment on his face. All thoughts of missing presents were forgotten. “That’s not possible! What about his friends and family?”

“The Bridge Troll never knew his parents and, until the night of the fireworks, he has never had anyone to call a friend”
“This is not good.” Elannah stated thoughtfully. She mused for a second and then announced, “Let’s throw him a Christmas party, not just any Christmas party, but rather the best party there has ever been. We will make up for all the missing Christmases in this one night!”

From a harmless snowball fight to a terrifying tumble down the side of a mountain, a trek through the Mines of Abundance and the Magical Night Flower Garden. Will these traveling companions manage to gather the perfect ingredients to amaze and astound the Twelve Toed Ugly Troll!?

Follow Elannah, Sam and their dream world friends as they prepare for the most fantastical Christmas Party ever!

A First Christmas; Friends and Festivity is the second book in The Everlasting and Fantastical Adventures of Elannah and Sam.  I have not read the first book in the series and would recommend reading book one before reading this book.  It worked as a stand alone but there was some discussion on things that must have happened in the first book and I felt left in the dark.

This is an imaginative Christmas story that would make a good read aloud to younger children perhaps ages 5+ or as a read alone for children ages 8+.  The pictures in this book were drawn by the authors daughter, Elannah.  They are the black and white sketches of a young child.

The message of this book was one of giving to and doing things for others.  I think this quote summed it up:

People sometimes forget that Christmas is all about others and giving.  Such unselfish acts are blessings for the world and always produce rewards, even if they are not obvious.

Content: Clean

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Source: From Author for Review