Book Tour: I Am Santa Tour by Kristy Haile + Giveaway

I Am Santa by Kristy Haile:
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the parent of an important figure? How much would it take of you to believe in your child even when nobody else did? What would you do if all of a sudden your son believed and I mean truly believed with all of his heart, that he was indeed the new real Santa Claus. One may think this scenario could never and would never happen. However, I am happy and proud to say that I am the mother of the new real Santa Claus! I believe in my son no matter what other people may say. The question is, do you believe?”

I Am Santa by Kristy Haile is a cute story told from the perspective of a mother whose son has been chosen to be the next Santa Claus.  The book is based on Kristy’s son Ty’s imagination.  I found a fun article that describes the story behind this story

I liked the idea that as parents we should encourage our children’s imaginations and support our children in whatever they want to do with their life.  This book also explores the feeling family members have and their reactions when someone is unkind towards one member of the family because they are different.

This book is 343 pages and could have easily been shortened by at least a hundred pages with the help of a good editor.  There was a lot of repetition, run-on sentences, spelling errors, etc.  If you are one who reads for story and are able to overlook errors then this is a sweet story you’ll enjoy.  This is a clean read that I would recommend to mothers of children who have a big imagination.

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Content: Clean Read

Rating: 3 Stars

Source: Pump up Your Books

I’ve got a copy of I Am Santa up for giveaway.  Open to those with a US or Canadian mailing address.  Last day to enter is 12/20.  To enter follow this blog and fill out the form. (Unfortunately this book won’t arrive until after Christmas but you can enjoy it as an after holiday read or save it for next year).

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