Book Review: Winning Mr. Wrong by Marie Higgins

Whoever said the quest for love wasn’t comical never met Charlene Randall. Charley is looking for a man who wants to start a family, a man who will take her to the temple. Problem is, she has never dated a man for longer than three months. When she reads an internet article called “Ten Ways to Win Your Man,” she decides to try it on her new coworker, Maxwell Harrington. Max was her crush in high school, but the superstar sports anchorman doesn’t even remember her. Enter ladies’ man Damien Giovianni, Charley’s handsome neighbor, who agrees to help her win Max over. What follows is a hilarious tale of mishaps and misunderstandings where Charley learns that what she really needs may be right in front of her.

This was such a fun book!  It kept me smiling and laughing throughout.  For the first time in quite a while I stayed up late reading a book I didn’t want to put down.  Yes it was quite predictable.  Just reading the title you know Charley’s trying to win the wrong man through the help of the ridiculous Internet article.  And yes the “right man” is so amazingly perfect he couldn’t exist in real life, let alone live next door.  But that’s what makes this such a fun book.  I kept thinking the article should have been called How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

This is an LDS fiction book but it was not preachy at all.  The only thing LDS about it was that Charley wanted to marry someone in the temple who shared her beliefs.  Obviously that desire plays into her choice and view of the men she has the chance to date and the outcome of the book.  If you like cute, clean, fun romance stories this book is for you.

Content: Clean

Rating: 5 Stars

Source: From Publisher for Review