Book Giveaway and Author Interview: The Ancillary’s Mark by Daniel Cohen

Welcome to Daniel Cohen author of The Ancillary’s Mark.


I’m a 22 year old recent college graduate. I’m a professional Saxophone player, and my love for music is second only to my love for writing (and chicken wings). I worked on “The Ancillary’s Mark” for over two years, and I have been working on my next novel for about two years as well. I feel so close to “The Ancillary’s Mark” that I actually got the mark from the book tattooed over my heart.


Past or Future?
I’m skeptical about a trip to the future. If I like what I see, I’d be worried about butterfly-affecting the outcome once I got back. But, the same could be said about a trip to the past. My head hurts.

5 people to dinner?
Christopher Nolan, Barack Obama, Dave Matthews, J.K. Rowling, and Bobby Flay (doing the cooking). I can’t imagine where that conversation would go, but I would love to see it happen.

One book everyone should read?
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. Seriously, can’t stress that one enough. It made me want to become a writer.

Favorite Music Genre? Artist? Song?
My favorite music is anything that has a saxophone in it, particularly where you wouldn’t normally look to find one. Hands down my favorite artist would have to be the late Leroi Moore. As far as favorite song, the award goes to New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. After hearing the sax solo in that song, I said to myself, “I NEED to learn how to do that.”

Favorite place to write?
I usually do my best work in the public library. I set up in a corner next to the DVD shelves, so when I need to take a break from words, I have movies to look at. Plus, I get first crack at the new releases. SCORE!

Pet Peeves?
Tolls. Hate em.

Bad Review?
If it’s constructive, then I take what I can from it and grow as a writer.

Favorite Cartoon?
Retired Cartoon = Hey Arnold. Current Cartoon = South Park. Both are genius and have great music.

Favorite Quote?
“Pushing yourself to your limits defines who you are, pushing yourself past your limits defines who you can be.”

Guilty Pleasure?
Kookaburra Liquorice. If you’ve never had it… good, that means there’s more out there for me.

Favorite book when I was a child?
The Giver.

How did I celebrate the first sale of my book?
I ate MASSIVE amounts of chicken wings with my girlfriend. What a night.

Thank you Daniel for taking the time to answer my questions and for offering a great giveaway for followers of this blog.

This novel is definitely geared towards young adults who enjoy lighthearted novels with a supernatural aspect. It would be found under YA/ Fantasy.
The Ancillary’s Mark by Daniel Cohen:

The legend of the Ancillary flower has existed for centuries. Foretold to bring out the limitless potential of its bearer, the flower and the legend have been forgotten by many. Recently, strange events in a shrouded Tibetan town have sparked rumors among those who still believe.       Jacob Deer is a quirky young man, bound for college, with an eccentric old librarian for a best friend, an obsession with sitting down in elevators, and a strange birthmark on his hand that’s shaped mysteriously like the markings on the Ancillary’s petals. When Jacob’s mentor Mr. Maddock reveals to him his connection with the legendary Ancillary, it sets in motion a series of events that sends Jacob and friends across the world. Alongside an alluring young woman, a marine-reject, and a Tibetan kid obsessed with comic books, Jacob must face off against a vengeful maniac for the fate of the flower, the legend, and all mankind.

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