Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway – The Truth (I’m a Girl, I’m Smart and I Know Everything) by Barbara Becker Holstein

The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart, and I know everything) by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

THE TRUTH is a delightful, humorous secret diary, written by a girl who is 11-12 years of age. She is wise and yet innocent. Her words acknowledge those priceless truths that we all knew as kids. She makes us cry and laugh and see ourselves. Everybody loves reading her thoughts, secrets, adventures and solutions to difficult problems. Girls are naturally curious and this book gives them a real opportunity to see how a girl like themselves in so many ways handles her toughest problems and most personal thoughts. Mom can read the book along with her daughter and not only be brought back to herself as a youngster, but find on every page relevant topics for discussion with her daughter. How do you handle a bully? How do you handle a crush on a boy? What about teasing? How do you find time to listen to your daughter? Do we have enough fun together? What really matters?

There is space right within the book for the girl and or mom to make notes or her own diary entries. The book ends with discussion ideas that can also open up whole new areas of topics for mom and daughter or the young reader and other members of her family, friends, or teachers.

Behind this very easy read, written by a positive psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience, is the psychological message to the girls reading THE TRUTH that they can and must keep the fire and passion of their girlhoods as they grow up and have the courage to carry the most precious parts of themselves into adulthood.. For parents the book is a way back to what made them feel most special at 10, 11 or 12. Once parents are back in the place where their kids live, then listening, trust and real sharing can begin. Every girl and ever parent wants this kind of TRUTH.

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This book is written as the diary of a ten year old girl. Having a ten year old daughter I found what was written to be interesting.  I think I’ve forgotten much of what it was like to be young and insecure.  Many of the “truths”, thoughts and feelings that were shared by the diary writer were things I’ve heard my own daughter express.  Then there were other things (such as the girl still playing with her dolls) that didn’t relate to my daughter as much.

Reading this book made me realize I really need to take more time to talk with my daughter about her fears, worries, hopes and dreams.  I don’t listen like I should and there are subjects I need to take the time to discuss with her.  This book was worth reading simply for the ideas for discussions I got from it.

If you’ve got a daughter ages 9-13, I would recommend this book to you and your daughter.

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