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Welcome to Author Daron Fraley.  After a short interview Daron has an amazing giveaway for you!

Daron Fraley was born in Powell, Wyoming, but doesn’t consider himself a cowboy. Living in France for a couple of years provided him the opportunity to hone his cooking skills and to become addicted to good food and chocolate. Apart from his loving family, teaching and writing are his two most favorite things in the world. A classic computer geek, he still likes to fish and camp, makes a mean apple or pumpkin pie from scratch, and once fixed a gas clothes dryer using photocopier parts. With all of his interests in music, art, the sciences, and religion (especially religion), he would have been quite comfortable living during the Renaissance. Having toured chilly castles while in France, he is glad he didn’t live during that time. “The Thorn” is his first novel.
After ten total years in the wonderful state of Indiana, Daron, his wife Jennifer, and their six children once again live in the beautiful Rockies, close to friends and family in Wyoming and Utah.


Night owl, or early bird?
Whenever I have been asked if I am a morning person or a night person, I have answered: “I’m not a morning person. I’m not a night person either. I must not be a person.” Apparently, by the question, I am not a bird either.

What’s your favorite music genre? Favorite artist? Song?
I really like classical music. I am not a musician, so I don’t know who wrote what, when they wrote it, or why. I just like the music. This is one of my current favorites: Ralph Vaughn Williams – Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. Oh, and I really like Big IZ singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Oh, and STING. All of his stuff. Oh, and Josh Groban and Michael Buble. I think I just like great instrumentals and great vocals.

What is the last movie you saw?
I just saw Megamind with my family. Very funny.

You have won one million dollars. What is the first thing that you would buy?
After paying off all my debt, I would buy month-long trip to Israel so I could tour all the sites. Of course I would take my laptop. And I would be writing.

What is one book everyone should read? Who is your favorite author? If you could be any author, who would you like to be?
I put all three of those questions together intentionally. My newest favorite author: Brandon Sanderson. Have you read the Mistborn series? WHAT? Do you live under a rock? 😉 I HIGHLY recommend his books. Awesomeness.

Favorite short story?
The Star by Arthur C. Clark.

Favorite Cartoon?
It would have to be Looney Tunes. Especially Bugs. Gotta love Bugs.

Favorite guilty pleasure?
Dark Chocolate Lindt Lindor Truffle.

To learn more about Daron visit his BLOG.

Daron’s Book:

The Thorn: The Chonicles of Gan Book One by Daron Fraley
Three tribes are at war on the planet Gan, unaware that the sign of Christ’s birth on an unknown world–Earth–is about to appear in the heavens. During a bloody skirmish with Gideonite troops, Jonathan of Daniel spares Pekah, a young enemy soldier, gaining his trust forever. These two distant brothers from estranged tribes covenant with each other to end the war being waged by a self-proclaimed emperor, and soon discover the intentions of a far more dangerous foe named Rezon–a sinister general bent on ruling those he can bring into subjection and destroying all others. In the end, Pekah’s selfless bravery is the means by which all the tribes are united. But there are dissenters, and Rezon escapes a well-deserved fate. When the promised heavenly signs appear, will there be peace at last, or will the malefactors once again threaten the safety of them all?

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