Book Review: World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson

World’s Best Origami is an amazing collection of more than 100 of the most unusual and best-loved origami patterns ever created. Expert origami artist Nick Robinson has collected traditional origami patterns as well as his own pieces and those from some of the greatest origami artists in the world- many in print here for the first time ever.
• More than 100 pieces-the most comprehensive origami book on the market
•Projects rated from beginner to advanced and include everything from boxes, containers, geometrics, and abstracts to figures, birds, animals, and flowers, and more-this unique volume has something for everyone at every skill level
•Each diagram clearly displayed with easy-to-understand instructions
•The only book to include the works of several masters of the craft, including Edwin Corrie and Francesco Guarnieri, as well as the author.

I’ve always been amazed by the ability some people have to make intricate origami works of art. This book World’s Best Origami explains how to make such creations step by step.

Each project contains a difficulty rating from 1 to 5. My 10 year old daughter and I tried some of these out last night. We only attempted Difficulty level 1 projects. She made a couple flowers and I made a swan. I was able to easily teach my 8 year old son how to make the swan.  There some very detailed designs in the high level of difficulty projects.

Chapter 1 of the book is titled Origami Basics that explains how to properly fold the paper, cut the paper to the proper shape and many other techniques that must be learned to master the art of paper folding. The chapters that follow contain instructions for making flowers, people, animals, containers, birds and many other fun items.

The instructions are easy to follow and there are lots of models that show you exactly what to do. The only drawback is that this book is in black and white. It’s also quite technical so it’s too advanced for young children.

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: Received copy for review