Book Review: The Pocket Guide to Games by Bart King

The seventy-five games in this book revive the tradition of game playing without computers, joy sticks, boards, or game pieces. All you need for these games can be purchased at the local super center, big box, or hardware store. With tools such as balls, bean bags, broomsticks or canes, and ropes, parents and teachers can organize dozens of hours of fun and challenging activities for parties, summer camps, neighborhood gatherings, and school groups. For all ages, from elementary children to grandparents.

I received a copy of The Pocket Guide to Games by Bart King to review about a month ago. I pulled it out today because I had to come up with a game that a group of 50 kids ages 4 to 11 could all play together. I flipped to the index in the back and quickly came up with a couple games that would work – Circle Stride Ball as an active game and Find the Ring as a quieter game. We only had time to play Circle Stride Ball at the activity. It managed to keep a large group of kids entertained until their parents arrived to pick them up.

This book is full of games for many different settings and occasions. The games are broken down into 4 sections: Miscellaneous active games, Quiet games, Bean bag & ball games and Contests, feats & tussles. At the back of the book is an Index where you can search for games by the type of game, number of players, playing area or age group. All in all it’s a useful little book that I literally put in my back pocket and took with me to the activity today.

A handy little book to have around.

Rating: 5 Stars

Source: From Publisher for Review