Book Review: Slayed by Amanda Marrone

The Van Helsing family has been hunting vampires for over one hundred years, but sixteen-year-old Daphne wishes her parents would take up an occupation that doesn’t involve decapitating vamps for cash. All Daphne wants is to settle down in one place, attend an actual school, and finally find a BFF to go to the mall with. Instead, Daphne has resigned herself to a life of fast food, cheap motels and buying garlic in bulk.
But when the Van Helsings are called to a coastal town in Maine, Daphne’s world is turned upside down. Not only do the Van Helsings find themselves hunting a terrifying new kind of vampire (one without fangs but with a taste for kindergarten cuisine), Daphne meets her first potential BF! The hitch? Her new crush is none other than Tyler Harker, AKA, the son of the rival slayer family.
What’s a teen vampire slayer to do?

After 5 months of blogging the day is finally here, my first 1 star review.  Most books that deserve this rating I stop reading and never actually review. Unfortunately this was the only book I had with me during an hour and a half long basketball practice so I kept reading it. I enjoyed the first couple chapters but the book went downhill fast after that. I should have just closed the book and watched the basketball practice.

There were some large plot holes I just couldn’t buy such as Daphne’s “overprotective” parents let her, their 17 year old daughter, go off slaying vampires alone?

I was going to go with 2 stars because the despite the objectionable content the story was entertaining – rival vampire slaying families meet rich wannabe-vampire-slayer ex-star.  It was entertaining and an ok book – at least until the last page when I was completely turned off.

This is a book I just should have closed about chapter 3.

Tons of language & crude, crass, skanky content not appropriate for me as an adult let alone for a teenager. Skip this one, I wish I had.

Rating: 1 Star

Content: Tons of objectionable material including lots of strong language, innuendo and other crass, skanky content.

Source: ARC Tour