Book Review: Recipes for a Beautiful Life by Julie Keye & Madaline Hall

Calling upon verses and Psalms from the Bible, these inspirational messages are framed by breathtaking color photography of nature’s splendor, including sun-drenched deserts, white-capped mountains, and people of all ages and ethnicities. A charming addition to these messages is a sumptuous array of natural recipes for the enhancement of a woman’s beauty and relaxation, using simple ingredients found in one’s home. A life open to God and filled with the beauty around you, sharing it with those you love, and finding time to relax so that you can be the best you can be: these are the “Recipes for a Beautiful Life”.

Recipes for a Beautiful life is a unique book that would make a great gift for a Christian teacher or friend. This book is filled with beautiful pictures of both nature and people that are accompanied by short passages from the Bible. At the end is a short section with relaxation and simple home spa treatments for pampering yourself.

Content: Clean & uplifting.

Rating: 4 Stars

Source: From Author For Review