Book Review: Prologue: The Brothers by Chris Stewart

Before the Great War, before so many sons of God turned away from their Father and walked knowingly into the dark, there was a choosing, a sifting, a contest of ideas and a battle for souls. Brother fought brother. Families were torn apart. Some fought to protect their homes, their freedom and peace. Others fought to destroy everything they had once held so dear. And as the battle between good and evil came into each home, all God’s children had to chose which side they were on, which principles would they fight for, and what price would they pay.

In this contest before the Great War, each of us learned the first lessons of life. The great ones may fall. The wicked can change. The weak and the foolish can be made the strongest of all. And when the contest was over, we also had learned the greatest secret of all: the children of God can defeat their adversary, for they have fought him before.

Prologue: The Brothers is the first book in the Great and Terrible series by Chris Stewart. I picked this book up several years ago when it first came out but never got further than the first few pages. A friend recently recommended this series to my husband so I started on this book again. This time I found myself fascinated with this book.

The Brothers is a fictitious account of the War in Heaven and our life before coming to earth. I was intrigued by the author’s take on what pre-earth life might have been like. It’s something I have never thought much about. At times I found myself with chills as certain elements of this story rang true. Admittedly the author took many liberties in this book but I found it to be thought provoking, entertaining and enlightening.

I’m definitely reading the rest of the series.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Source: Borrowed from a friend